How much does it cost to play rugby?

How much does it cost to play rugby?

How much does it cost to play rugby is a question we often get asked. Of course, as with anything, the cost can vary depending on a number of factors. In this post we explain some of the options available to you as a new rugby player, along with some representative costs associated with a rugby players starter kit.

Rugby clubs offer memberships to players with prices varying based on the club, location, setup and level. Clubs try and make this as affordable as possible to encourage playing and social members, whilst maintaining the club grounds, club kit and equipment and coaching staff. Children’s fees are usually much lower than adults and student discounts are often offered. Most rugby clubs also offer social memberships, for those that no longer wish to play but love being around a rugby club and sports environment, these are usually very popular with local people. Payments can usually be paid monthly or as a one off payment that covers the entire season.

Costs could range from £5 per session/match to £10 a month, or £125 for a season.

Another great alternative to paying for a club membership are the plethora of community rugby programmes on offer. These offer an excellent way for adults and children of all abilities to get active and socialise through rugby. Often sessions are offered across the UK and Ireland for individuals to turn up and play for free and also encourage groups of friends to enter a team into one of the leagues for a fun, competitive edge. For more information please visit our How do I start playing rugby guide


Rugby Kit and Equipment Costs

Generally rugby can be played with little personal equipment required. Rugby boots and a mouthguard is the bare minimum to be able to play rugby. However, if you are heading along to your first session you will also need a top, shorts and socks. Initially you could wear any sports top, shorts and socks that you have – with a view to investing in more ‘rugby specific’ clothing as you fall in love with the game.

Clubs will likely provide all training equipment and balls for a successful rugby session. Come match day, clubs will often supply specific club kit – match shirts, match shorts and socks. However, depending on your budget it is also often advisable to purchase your own rugby specific clothing. A ‘rugby starter kit pack could include:

Total = £119.73

*Representative Junior pricing