How do I start playing rugby as a complete beginner?

How do I start playing rugby as a complete beginner?

Player - supporter - coach - parent - volunteer... How do you get into rugby as a beginner? We have put together this quick article to help you find out how to get into rugby.

The first thing to do whether you are an adult or child taking the leap into the rugby world is to look for your local club. Almost every town will have a rugby club and if you are unsure, the below useful facilities from some of our key International partner unions can help:

There are also some nationwide programs throughout the UK and Ireland that help beginners, those new and old into or back into rugby. Full details can be found at the foot of this guide.

Many rugby clubs offer trial days, where you can go along, meet the coaches and see if rugby is the right sport for you. Others will let you come along for a training session to get to know the coaches and players before deciding whether you want to join for the season. From here you may begin by training weekly with the team, learning the rules and the key skills before eventually putting you’re them into practice in a match when you and your coaches feel you are ready.

Whether you want to play, coach, support or volunteer, rugby clubs around the World are open to everyone.



  • CBRE All Schools: CBRE All Schools has been developed by the RFU to increase the amount of rugby in schools, and to encourage new players to join local clubs Click here for More Info
  • O2 Touch: a fun and friendly environment for both men and women of all abilities to get involved in touch rugby Click here for More Info


  • From Hubs, Schools and Colleges to Disability Rugby – rugby in Wales is open to everyone, find out more here: Click here for More Info


  • With over 200 rugby clubs across Scotland offering various formats of the game there’s plenty to choose from Click here for More Info
  • Tartan Touch: a fun, simple, social non-contact rugby. With only 8 simple rules it’s a great innovative, fast-paced game for all abilities and ages. Click here for More Info