Rugby Boots Buyers Guide

Buying the right rugby boots depends on the following important factors:

1. Ground Quality - what will the ground conditions be like - Soft, Firm, Artificial?

2. Studs - what studs are best suited to my style and the ground conditions I usually play on?

3. Size - what sizes do I need? How do those sizes match across UK/US/EUR?

4. Style - what boots best suit my style and game?

Ground Quality

What type of boots do you need?



Soft ground boots are ideal for the wetter times of the year when pitches are soft, wet or muddy. In these conditions, boots with added grip and traction will provide optimum stability for players.

Normally, the wetter and softer the ground, the longer the studs required, especially for forwards. Having good grip and traction is very important, especially when scrummaging, rucking and making breaks. Longer studs will allow players to be more secure on the field.

The Gilbert bio-frame 8 stud outsole offers an excellent lightweight, stable bio-frame technology that gives stability around the heel. Lightweight traction is added with 2 Thermoplastic polyurethane studs in the forefoot for ultimate grip.

Studs for our 8 studded boots are available in a variety of different lengths ranging from 15-21mm. This allows players to have the option to change their stud length according to the conditions.

Junior rugby boots available in Junior size 2 to 5 are available in 6 stud only. Size 6 and above is available in an 8 stud outsole.

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Firm / Hard ground

Firm / Hard ground

Firm ground boots are ideal for the drier times of the year when pitches and the game can become quicker. At these times, boots with shorter studs, a 6 stud outsole and/or combined with plastic moulded studs are beneficial for players.

Moulded studs are more commonly used on these surface conditions as they provide extra stability on firmer ground with the number of studs ranging from 10-14 per boot.

The Gilbert hybrid Speedplate HYB outsole offers a super lightweight mix of prolite studs and TPU moulded studs to give superb traction without compromising balance or weight.

In conditions and climates where the pitch remains hard or firm throughout the season, these boots would be highly rated for players only wanting to purchase one pair of boots as they can perform in soft ground conditions as well.

Gilbert have a dedicated collection of Junior boots in our 6 stud outsole option.

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Artificial / Turf

Artificial / Turf

In the rugby world, it's becoming increasingly common to have artificial or 4G pitches. As these are produced to be firm ground pitches, longer studded boots are not necessary and could lead to discomfort or injuries due to the instability under foot.

The Gilbert hybrid Speedplate HYB outsole offers a super lightweight mix of prolite studs and TPU moulded studs which are perfectly suited for use on hard and artificial pitches, offering the ideal option on firmer grounds.

However, often the most commonly used boot for artificial pitches are moulded boots. Their shorter, shallower studs offer improved 'slipper-like' comfort whilst providing the stability and traction that sports trainers or ‘astroturf shoes’ cannot provide.

Gilbert have also developed a dedicated collection of Junior boots in our moulded outsole option.

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Boot and Stud Outsoles

A look at the different boot outsole options, and what they mean.

8 Stud

8 Stud

The Gilbert Rugby 8 stud boot is ideally suited for use on softer surfaces and in wet conditions. The specially crafted stud configuration helps you retain your grip underfoot, increases your power transfer and minimises your risk of injury. At Gilbert, we design and develop boots for rugby boots, our 8 studded boots offer optimum grip and traction with increased stability, ideal for scrummaging.

Studs for our 8 studded boots are available in our brand new Pro Tip lightweight version or 15mm, 18mm or 21mm traditional aluminium option.

Browse our 8 stud soft ground rugby boots range now.

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6 Stud

6 Stud

The Gilbert Rugby 6 stud boots are perfectly suited for backs and back row forwards, 6 stud boots provide excellent traction to maximise your speed and agility. The stud design allows players to move freely whilst still maintain essential grip on soft and hard pitches.

6 studs boots offer ultimate comfort with optimum control, leaving you to focus on your rapid footwork and acceleration.

Prolite Studs for our 6 stud boots are available in 8mm, 10mm or 14mm length.

Check out Gilbert Rugby's 6 stud firm ground rugby boots today.

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MSX Moulded

MSX Moulded

The Gilbert Rugby range of firm ground boots provide the perfect match of comfort and stability on pitches with short grass and when the ground is firm.

Gilbert Rugby MSX moulded boots offer an excellent mix of moulded plastic stud shapes and sizes, ideal for firm ground use Short-moulded studs are mixed with TPU moulded studs to provide excellent grip underfoot while minimising the risk of injury.

Check out Gilbert Rugby's firm ground rugby boots today.

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Rugby Studs

All Gilbert studs conform to World Rugby standards, as outlined in World Rugby Specifications (Regulation 12). Studs/cleats of player’s boots must conform with World Rugby Specifications (Regulation 12), must not be longer than 21 mm, and must not have any burring or sharp edges.

A look at the variety of different studs available for Gilbert Rugby boots:

- Prolite Studs: available in 8, 10 or 12mm lengths and specifically designed to work with the new Speedplate HYB outsole for use in 6 stud and Gilbert hybrid boots.

- Pro-Tip Studs: available as 18mm length, Protip Studs are here to replace the traditional aluminium studs to provide outstanding traction at an extremely reduced weight. For use in 8 stud boots.

- Aluminium Safety Studs: traditional aluminium studs available in 15mm, 18mm or 21mm lengths for use in 8 stud boots.

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Gilbert provide a variety of rugby boots for both adult and junior sizes ranging from size 2 – 15*.

*Size ranges vary depending on boot design.

8 Stud Boots  |  6 Stud Boots  |  Moulded Boots | Junior Boots

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What are the differences between football and rugby boots?

Our specialist rugby boots are a wider fit than most football boots – this wider fit provides you with the extra power needed. Our Kaizen Power range are all wider fitting rugby boot built using the Pro-Last - engineered to give you a more dominant foot position.

Our boots feature a heel raise is that it provides you with additional power during a scrum, ruck or maul. Additionally, that extra elevation offered reduces pain in the lower limbs which can only benefit your health in both the short and long-term.

Our Hot Boots Right Now



Perfect for club and school players, our most popular 8 stud boots offering excellent quality and comfort at an affordable price.

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Quantum Pace Pro 6 Stud

Quantum Pace Pro 6 Stud

Designed for the player who can make a difference with a blistering piece of footwork or turn of speed - defenders will need to be at their best against these.

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Sidestep X15 8 Stud

Sidestep X15 8 Stud

A great rugby boot for club or junior players making their way up the rugby ranks. Featuring metal stud or MSX - a great all round boot.

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