Things you will always hear on a rugby field on a Saturday

Things you will always hear on a rugby field on a Saturday

01 Jul 19

We all know what it’s like – Saturday afternoon, you’ve waited all week for it – at least 6 of you turned up training on a freezing cold Thursday night – now it’s time for the big game!

Your captain has been watching black white clips of Sir Winston Churchill all morning, preparing his speech – the senior players have been fine tuning their ‘colourful language’ and the backs have been doing their hair… here’s our first 5 in our series of “things you will hear on a rugby field on a Saturday”.


  1. As the Referee addresses the players in his pregame briefing: “When is the ball out, Sir?”


  1. As the trusted kicker collects the ball from a penalty and aims to find touch for an attacking lineout, a forward (probably a prop) offers some sound advice: “Make sure, yea!”


  1. Hidden in amongst the captains Chuchillian pre-match motivating speech: “Do it for the badge!”


  1. The trusted and athletic front-rows, walking, 30 metres away from the action, as the ball is thrown fully 10 metres forward and hits the deck “Forward Pass!”


  1. When your team is up or, possibly more likely, down by 40 points and you hear the motivational cry - “It’s Nil – Nil, boys”

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