Trusted since 1995

Gilbert have been at the heart of Rugby since the very beginning in 1823 and have been chosen as the official ball for every Rugby World Cup since 1995.

a beautiful pyramid image of the rugby world cup balls from 1995 to 2023 - all from gilbert rugby

All 10 host cities are represented in the design of the official Rugby World Cup 2023 ball.

Gilbert will launch the new official technical match ball in 2022.

two rugby world cup 2023 balls from gilbert rugby

Rugby world Cup 2023 Host Cities

Each of the 10 Rugby World Cup 2023 host cities has its own unique Mobius graphic, all of which are represented within the official ball design, creating a powerful flow around the ball; with the Official Event Mark and Mobius heart at the centre.



City Meaning - Silk thread and waving. A tradition of silk weaving that continues to this day.

Rugby Meaning - Grubber kick



City Meaning - The wine and the river; these are the twin glories of Bordeaux's heritage.

Rugby Meaning - Surge in momentum



City Meaning - More than 100,000 trees, hundreds of parks and almost three hectares of flower beds

Rugby Meaning - Ball


Playing Performance at its core

At the two ends of the ball, we have included a solid colour to assist with visibility and maximise the playing performance and the famous Webb Ellis Trophy icon.

A classy touch to all RWC 2023 official match and replica balls.

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the official rugby world cup 2023 balls from gilbert rugby

The RWC 2023 Event Mark

Inspired by the heroic colours of the Tricolore in the French
flag, the official RWC 2023 event mark symbolizes strength, recognition and the
coming together of the rugby family to form the continuous Mobius loop in the
shape of a heart at its core.

The Tournament

The Rugby World Cup 2023 brand aims for an authentic and
inspiring 50 days of competition, reflecting France at its most real with the French touch, style and character at the forefront. An ambitious, determined, powerful tournament that unifies world rugby with a fully inclusive and equal approach, one that a perfect balance between brawn and sensitivity.

In 2023, Gilbert celebrates 200 years. We are Proud to have been there from the very start.

an original james gilbert rugby sign, the brand has been around since rugby started in 1823

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