Personalised Balls

Gilbert are now offering a unique personalisation service for you to create your own customised rugby ball! This one-off fun ball is the perfect gift for the biggest rugby fanatics. Head to now to get your hands on your own personalised ball. 

plus more personalised gifts!

Treat the rugby fan in your life to the ultimate rugby gift and let the Rugby Ball Light illuminate their passion.

Designed as a replica of the iconic Gilbert Rugby ball used by international rugby players, Rugby Ball Light features a 4-piece construction that duplicates the structure of a full-size rugby ball and reflects the ellipse trim colours and team logo of your favourite rugby team.

Perfect for an office, den or bedroom; for reading, working or as a night light — Rugby Ball Light is an eye-catching addition to any room whether on or off.

Featuring a sleek design and quality construction, discover why  Rugby Ball Light is the only light endorsed by rugby’s biggest brands.