Cymru Rugby Collection - Training

A dedicated collection of rugby training products exclusive for Cymru Rugby Clubs.

Stay active and stay match sharp at home, in the garden or at the park using these training products built for rugby.

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RBBD16Balls (Match_Training) G-TR4000 SZ 3 BLACK UV 1
RBBD16Balls (Match_Training) G-TR4000 RED SZ 3 UV 2

G-TR4000 Training Ball

£17.99 - £22.99
RBAE13Balls (Match_Training) OMEGA BLUBLK SZ 5 UV 2
RBAE13Balls (Match_Training) OMEGA BLUBLK SZ 5 UV 1

Omega Match Ball

£30.99 - £35.99
320 Precision Kicking Tee
320 Precision Kicking Tee