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Introducing SIRIUS

Gilbert rugby latest rugby ball brings together innovation and performance to create the SIRIUS match ball.

The official match ball of Rugby World Cup 2019.

The Story Behind Sirius

Gilbert have developed new manufacturing technology to ensure consistent and precise placement of its highly defined and patented dual height star shaped pimples, replicated consistently and in detail on every match ball.  

1. The brightest star in the sky

1. The brightest star in the sky

Sirius is visible by the naked eye from both the Southern and Northern hemispheres. 

The name therefore represents the coming together of the world’s best rugby players from across the globe. 

2. Binary Star System

2. Binary Star System

Sirius is in fact made from a main sequence star, Sirius A, and a faint dwarf companion, Sirius B. 

This is represented by the improved dual-height precision star shaped pimple pattern. 

3. 7th closest star from earth

3. 7th closest star from earth

Sirius is the 7th closest star from earth and the Sirius match ball will be Gilbert's 7th iteration of a RWC match ball. 

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