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Brazilian Rugby Confederation (CBRu) join Team Gilbert

Gilbert Rugby News — Published on May 9 , 2017

The Brazilian Rugby Confederation (CBRu) has signed an agreement with Gilbert Rugby, who will become the new official supplier of balls to Brazilian teams until 2024. Gilbert is considered to be the most traditional supplier of sports equipment in rugby, having partnerships with World Rugby and with the world's greatest rugby teams.


"We are very excited about our new partnership with Gilbert. At CBRu we have a very ambitious plan to accelerate the growth of Rugby in Brazil and internationally in the coming years. To be successful, we need to work in partnership with the best. Gilbert has long been recognized as the supplier of the best Rugby balls in the world. They will be strategic partners to raise performance standards in the daily training environment and in our local competitions," said Agustin Danza, CEO of CBRu.


"For some years Gilbert has taken on the responsibility of supporting the development of rugby seriously. It is therefore a great pleasure to be able to support the enormous potential of Rugby in Brazil. Through this agreement we intend to help CBRu with its long-term goals and work with them to encourage many more Brazilians to practice this sport," says Richard Gray, Global director of marketing and sales for Gilbert.


The Gilbert balls will have a unique design for Brazilian rugby, with the Tupi symbol printed and the colors green and yellow. The products are imported and have the same quality of balls used by the greatest global powers of rugby. By the end of the year the products will be available for purchase on the official website of the brand in Brazil.


It is worth remembering that Gilbert has a historical connection with rugby, being the ball that William Webb Ellis had in his hands when the sport emerged. The balls have evolved a lot since then and the mark has always been present in this climb. In 1994 Gilbert recorded the coloured ellipses on the ball, now characteristic of rugby and the brand itself.


Gilbert's balls are developed to the highest standards at the company's technology lab. Ball balance, weight and grip affect a lot in a game, especially in plays with pass and kick. The quality of the ball changes the distance and accuracy potential of each pass, with the grip improving the handling of the ball under all conditions.


"This agreement shows our continued commitment to the development and growth of rugby in Brazil. It will put the Tupis at the same level in terms of quality equipment with traditional countries like England, South Africa and Australia, for example. To compete internationally, you must train and use the same quality equipment that is used when playing international matches, "concludes Gareth Clabburn, a Gilbert representative in Brazil.

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