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Sheamus Exclusive: He's The Undertaker of Rugby!

Gilbert Rugby News — Published on January 31 , 2017

Larger than life men in tight fitting clothes. Rough and tumble. A mass of humanity. Not your average rugby match – rather a big WWE event.

And while the similarities between rugby and wrestling might end there, both pastimes have their fans from the other.

Former WWE Champion Sheamus has dominated the wrestling ring for nearly a decade, battling the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton and Triple H. But the Irishman is also a huge rugby fan. We caught up with him to talk RBS 6 Nations, Irish Rugby and which rugby player would excel in WWE.

What do you think of Ireland's chances in the 6 Nations this year?

I think they are in with a fantastic chance this year, coming out of some great wins from the autumn internationals. Who will forget the unbelievable win against the All Blacks? Amazing. The provinces are doing well in the European competitions, too. Ireland have to be one of the favourites for the championship or even another Grand Slam.


Who do you think are the biggest rival for the title?

Our rivals this year are our old foes England and France, you can never discount the French. Eddie Jones has done a lot since taking over the English side.


Of the current Irish squad, who is your favourite player and why?

It's hard to just pick one. I'm stuck on two. I’ve categorised them, one being an old stalwart and one up-and-coming hero. Rory Best, the unassuming leader, stepping into the breach when Paul O'Connell retired. He has strength of character. He gives his all each time he puts on a rugby jersey - be it for Ulster or Ireland. He has heart, determination and a passion for the sport unlike any other. He is a true leader, humble and hardworking.

Secondly, Tadhg Furlong. He is a relative new comer, but he made his mark during the All Blacks game. Thundering through tackles, knocking the All Blacks on their arses. He is young, enthusiastic and full of fight, definitely one to watch out for and one that will be a household name in the near future. These two epitomise the spirit of a Celtic Warrior.


Who is your all-time Irish Rugby hero?

Paul O'Connell. Absolute Legend. Reliable player, always there at every ruck. His work rate was massive, incomprehensible. He was supportive a player, the engine to the team. His presence and impact was always felt when he stepped onto the field. His dedication to the team was infectious. He is The Undertaker of rugby (GILBERT ED NOTE - Wrestler, not profession!) - not to mention that he's blessed with a pasty white complexion like me!


What is your best Irish rugby memory of all time?

Either winning the Grand Slam or beating England inside Croke Park.


If you could choose one rugby player in the world to replace Cesaro as your tag team partner, who would you choose?

Sebastian Chabal, retired French 8. He hits like a freight train. (GIBERT ED NOTE – has any rugby player ever looked more like a wrestler than Mr Chabal?)



Which wrestlers, aside from yourself of course, do you think would shine on the rugby field?

Apart from myself I think that Brock Lesnar would make a great rugby player, for obvious reasons (he’s, frankly, preposterously big). He'd just spend more time suplexing lads then going for the ball. Either way it would be great craic to watch.


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