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Dusautoir Interview: It was totally crazy. I've never played a game like that.

Gilbert Rugby News — Published on May 15 , 2015

The RBS 6 Nations feels a lifetime ago, but to France captain Thierry Dusautoir the emotions are still raw. Now he and his Toulouse teammates are gearing up for the post-season in the Top 14, where they will attempt to break the stranglehold of Toulon and Clermont.

We caught up with the Dark Destroyer to discuss the 6 Nations, Toulouse, his toughest opponent and got him to dish the dirt on his teammates.

Top 14

You are approaching the end of the Top 14 season and with Toulouse currently sitting in the play-off places – would qualifying for the Top 14 Finals make this a successful season and if not, what constitutes success?

When you play in Toulouse, you always want to win. But it's true we lived a very tough season at the start and we have to fight against Toulon or Clermont to keep our rank.

So we’ll our do best to stay in the top 6 teams.


How important is it going to be to try and finish either 1st or 2nd in the Top 14 so you avoid the initial play-off rounds?

If you finish first or second, you go directly into the semi-final. To avoid the quarter-final and have one more weekend off, it's important to target these positions.


Which Toulouse performance has impressed you most this season?

I really liked our win in Bath. It's a great team and they bounced back in Toulouse, after our victory.


Clermont and Toulon are dominating in Europe at the moment – can Toulouse return to the top of European Rugby in the new European Champions Cup?

I hope so but the journey is still long and we need to show more progress before thinking about that.

6 Nations

Let’s look back briefly to the RBS 6 Nations – how would you sum up the tournament from a French perspective?

It wasn’t a good 6 Nations because we lost at home against Wales and our game wasn’t great. Fortunately, our last two games against Italy and England proved to everybody that we are still able to play nice and efficient rugby.


How was it playing in the final game, when it was seemingly a try a minute against England?

This game was unbelievable! One team needed to win by 26 points and the second wanted to show its real level. It was totally crazy. I have never played a rugby game like this.

I think even though both team were disappointed at the end, it was a wonderful advertisement for our sport.

Quickfire Questions

Toughest ever opponent?

Richie McCaw


Your favourite teammate of all time?

Pato Albacete


Which of your teammates has the worst dress sense?

Yannick Nyanga because he really takes care of his style and my answer will bother him!


If you had to spend every day for the rest of your life with one rugby player, who would it be?

I really like eating that's why I choose Will Servat. Because following his steps, I will never be disappointed.


Favourite food dish?

Soufflé au fromage of my grandmother.


Which film can you watch again and again?

Air America


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