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T.Rhys Thomas Interview: Dragons star chats to Gilbert Rugby

Gilbert Rugby News — Published on April 1 , 2015

We caught up with Dragons star T Rhys Thomas recently to discuss the upcoming Challenge Cup Quarter Final, and get the dirt on his teammates.


Gilbert Rugby: You’ve reached the Challenge Cup ¼ Finals, which in itself is a great achievement. How much further can you go in the tournament?

T Rhys Thomas: We are confident about our ability and we have to think that we can win and go through to the Semi Final – but really I think that’s a trick question as we have to go on and win it!!


GR: What would it mean to the club and the region as a whole to win this trophy?

TRT: I think it would be the first trophy the region has won and it would be unbelievable. I would like to think that we would have an open top bus around the region to celebrate! It would be absolutely huge for us to win this and it’s within reaching distance as its just three games away.


GR: Which game has been your favourite so far in the tournament?

TRT: I have played in all of the European Cup matches this season and I would say the best one was against Stade Francias away from home. They were going well in the Top14 and we weren’t going as well as we could’ve been. Our form was a bit patchy at times but we put in a good solid performance against them and scored four tries which turned into a great result.


GR: Which club do you see as the favourites for the competition – who would you like to avoid in the draw should you make it through?

TRT: I think in order to win the title you have to be able to beat everyone so we don’t want to avoid anyone.


GR: In the group stage you had two games against fellow Gilbert Rugby team Newcastle Falcons – how were those two matches?

TRT: Newcastle Falcons play an exciting brand of rugby and it was really good game to play in and to be involved with. The game away proved to be a massive win for us and all credit to our backs they did a fantastic job.



GR: If you could have one Dragons player from the past re-join the current squad, who would it be?

TRT: Luke Charteris


GR: Which Dragons player has the worst haircut?

TRT: It used to be Lloyd Fairbrother but he has had it cut so it has to be Matthew Screech.


GR: Who in the squad has the best famous lookalike?

TRT: Matthew Screech – Claire Balding


GR: Who is the first in the squad to get up for karaoke? Can they pull it off?

TRT: Rynard Landman – Not with his accent!


GR: If you’ve got a day on the sofa, which series are you binge-watching?

TRT: Californication


GR: Who is your action hero of choice – Arnold Schwarzenegger or The Rock?

TRT: Arnold Schwarzenegger


GR: Who’ll win the Rugby World Cup?

TRT: New Zealand


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