Technology in Rugby - Skill Tracker

Technology in Rugby - Skill Tracker

23 Dec 20

Skill Tracker is the first of its kind in sport. It is essentially a digital assistant, used to track and analyse your players’ skills. Using the Smart Ball, Skill Tracker delivers real-time insights into player performance and development.

Players, coaches and analysts can now work together to set targets, track sessions and develop key skill sets.

Finally, a simple and easy to use system that provides objective development, scouting and player management data. Skill Tracker is the future of performance analysis.

Skill Tracker will immediately inform you on the success of every kick in training and matches. Not only that, but kickers and coaches use Skill Tracker’s insights to build their training programmes.

Instant feedback on power (speed), distance, spin rate and hang-time means that players and coaches can tailor their coaching to make immediate improvements.

Having trouble with your long game?
Skill Tracker will show you how to improve.

Are you hooking your kicks on the weak side?
Skill Tracker will show you how to improve.

Tactical kicking (restarts, box kicks, touch finders and clearances) is critical for maintaining territorial superiority and dictating the flow of the game. When  executed correctly, tactical kicks can be a great source of turnovers. When executed poorly they present unique counter attacking opportunities.

In all tactical kicking accuracy (where the ball lands) and hang-time (how long its in the air) are the two most important factors.

Accuracy allows teams to target weaknesses in defensive structures and hang-time is important to give chasers time to compete for the ball.

Kickers must be able to execute both objectives day in and day out in all conditions.


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  • Rebecca Fleming on

    I know my son would love to find out how fast his ball is going, how high he manages to kick and from what distance. It sounds like the skills tracker and tactical kicking will be priced at coaches, I think there would be a huge market for a rugby ball with a simple accelerometer inside with an app to get the stats.

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