SIRIUS - A new star is born.

SIRIUS - A new star is born.

01 Nov 18

Introducing Gilbert Rugby’s latest innovation


Innovation and performance are at the heart of the SIRIUS match ball, the official Rugby World Cup 2019 match ball.


Two years in the making, the SIRIUS match ball is an evolution in match ball technology. The 7th edition Gilbert Rugby World Cup match ball, SIRIUS takes many of the popular and successful characteristics of the current Match-XV international match ball, with key developments focused on increased handling. Step changes in the design of the grip pattern mean the SIRIUS offers the largest total surface area of any international match ball produced to date. These precision improvements create an exceptional rugby ball with greatly enhanced handling properties, yet one which is still familiar to the players.


To produce the Sirius Match ball, Gilbert has developed new and innovative manufacturing technology to ensure consistent and precision placement of its highly defined, and patented, dual-height star shaped pimples; replicated consistently and in detail on every match ball




The improved precision pimple pattern includes two highly defined star shaped pimples, of different heights.


  • SIRIUS is the brightest star in the night sky, visible by the naked eye from both the Southern and Northern hemispheres; representing the coming together of the world’s best rugby players from all over the globe.


  • What the naked eye perceives as a single star is actually a binary star system consisting of a main-sequence star, Sirius A, and a faint dwarf companion, Sirius B; representing the improved dual-height precision star shaped pimple pattern.


  • Sirius is reported to be the 7th closest star to Earth; the Sirius match ball will be Gilbert’s 7th iteration of a RWC match ball.


World Rugby Chairman Bill Beaumont said: "From community clubs to test matches, Gilbert is a key player in rugby participation, enjoyment, competition and growth.


"The Rugby World Cup 2019 SIRIUS ball represents the forefront of ball technology and evolution and we are delighted to be launching a match ball that looks great and will advance performance for players in Japan next year.


"By launching now, we are ensuring that the teams have the best-possible access to SIRIUS before Rugby World Cup.”



Gilbert Rugby International Sales and Marketing Director Richard Gray added: “We are extremely proud of our longstanding partnership with Rugby World Cup. It provides us with the perfect platform to introduce another innovative, yet evolved match ball to the rugby world. We are confident that the new SIRIUS match ball will allow the world’s best players to perform to their full potential and light up the world cup in Japan.”


“It is our constant research, development and relentless drive to produce the best and most innovative products for rugby that sets Gilbert aside as the ball of choice for the World’s elite.”


SIRIUS is the Official match ball of Rugby World Cup 2019 and will be used in every match of the tournament.


All Tier 1 International teams (using Gilbert rugby balls) from November 2018 onwards will use the SIRIUS match ball.


Official Gilbert Rugby World Cup 2019 SIRIUS match balls and replica match balls are now available.



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