Ready 4 Rugby – the definitive guide

Ready 4 Rugby – the definitive guide

29 Sep 20

What is Ready 4 Rugby?

Ready 4 Rugby is a new, exciting non-contact game created by England Rugby that enables two teams of up to 10 players to engage in training and match activity within their own club environment.

Individual clubs must make their own decisions to return and they must continue to follow government Coronavirus guidelines along with any local government lockdown restrictions that may be introduced.

Check out the video below for all the info on how to play.


We are all desperate to get rugby back on the pitch in England – but it must be done safely. The first step in the return to the game will be the adapted game play version ‘Ready 4 Rugby’. Suitable for all ages, super fun and competitive, Ready 4 Rugby will help you prepare for full contact rugby.

Before playing make sure you check for all the latest guidance on returning to rugby, social distancing and hygiene in a rugby environment.  

The Purpose of Ready 4 Rugby

  • A fun, competitive adapted game that assists in the staged return to full contact rugby
  • A game that rewards go forward ad support in both attack and defence
  • Encourages the development of key core players’ skills of catch, pass and support
  • Increased opportunities for players to make key in game rugby decisions
  • Adaptable dependant on age and skill stage of players
  • Minimise contact - there are no scrums, mauls, rucks and tackling so player to player contact is minimised and the focus is on other key skill-sets such as: handling, kicking (below head height), evasion and support and defence which encourages a competitive game.

 Womens rugby supported by Gilbert

Game Recommendations

  • Minimum 6 players vs 6 players* – Maximum 10 v 10
  • Rolling substitutions
  • Use a standard Gilbert Ball size 3/4/5
  • Maximum 15 mins continuous game time.

*Under 7s 4 v 4

With the RFU approving the next stage on the roadmap for grassroots rugby, community clubs in England have more options available. Here are the key details of the new Ready 4 Rugby game:

  • The objective is to score a try by grounding the ball in the opponents’ in goal area
  • 1 Point is awarded for a try.
  • Defending team aim to stop the attacking team from scoring by making a touch on the ball carrier on the waist or below by two different defenders.
  • Each team has an attacking zone in front of the goal line they are attacking. Once the ball crosses the attack zone line the attacking team have 4 phases to score.
  • Teams can be mixed (male and female).


  • After the first touch tackle, the ball carriers options are: Run, Pass or Kick (kick = attacking zone only).
  • If a ball carrier has been touch tackled once, they cannot score and must pass to a team mate to score.
  • After a ball carrier has been touch tackled for a second time, from two different opponents, they must stop running, throw the ball above their head, and catch it before passing to a team mate.
  • The Pass after second touch tackle must be no further than 2 metres.
  • If the Player drops the ball during the throw above head and catch phase = turnover to the opposing team.
  • The attacking team have 4 phases to reach their attacking zone. Otherwise = turnover to the opposing team.
  • Once the ball enters the attacking zone, the attacking team has a maximum further 4 phases to score. No score = turnover to opposing team.
  • The ball carrier is allowed to kick the ball in the attacking zone and only below head height. If the ball goes dead through the in goal area from the attacking players kick then the defending team restart with possession on the attack zone line.


  • After each two touch tackle phase, the defending team (not in possession of the ball) must retire 2 metres to the offside line.
  • If a try is not scored or the attack does not reach the Attacking Zone within the allocated number of phases then possession is turned over to the defending team.
  • After a try is scored, the non-scoring team restart play with a free pass from the centre of the pitch (half-way line).
  • If a defending player throws or takes the ball into the in-goal, and a defending player grounds it and there has been no infringement, play is restarted by the attacking team on the attack zone line with a new 4 phases allowed to score.
  • If the attacking team loses possession of the ball and it goes to ground in the field of play and subsequently moves into the opposition team’s in-goal and is made dead by the defending team, play is restarted by the non-offending team 5 metres from the goal line.

For the latest Return to Rugby roadmap for England click here.

Head here for the latest England Rugby Training Collection to get you Ready 4 Rugby.

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