Best Rugby Boots of 2020

Best Rugby Boots of 2020

04 Nov 20

With credit to Sam Larner and Rugby World Magazine for the original article; here is a copy of the Rugby World 'Best Rugby Boots of 2020':

A buyers' guide featuring boots for flashy stylish backs, traditional forwards and everyone in between.

Best Rugby Boots of 2020

Unlike in a sport like cycling or golf, there isn’t much equipment you need to play rugby. One thing you cannot scrimp on is a good pair of boots.

Gone are the days when your boots would be heavy by half-time and you could have any colour as long as it was black. Boot technology has made significant strides and it is probably time to trade in your old kicks for something more modern with our guide to the best rugby boots of 2020.

Looks are important but there is more to a modern pair of boots than just if they’ll stand out when you run onto the pitch on a Saturday. Most boots will be specified as either soft ground (SG) or firm ground (FG). Soft-ground boots are for the mid-season when the ground is muddy with little grip. They will have traditional studs; long, rounded, and metal. Firm-ground boots are for better surfaces where you can forgo long studs in favour of sleeker plastic pegs, shorter metal studs, or a combination of the two.

A lightweight boot will allow you to reach your top speed but it comes at the expense of protection from a stray stud. Forwards may prefer to carry a bit more weight to protect them in scrums and mauls whereas backs would be advised to head down the lightweight route to maximise their agility.

Gilbert Kaizen 1.0 SG Boots

Gilbert Kaizen 1.0 SG Boots

Designed for speed and agility, these are perfect for fleet-footed outside backs. A knitted upper, brought over from football boots, hugs the foot without adding more than the bare essentials in weight. Perfect for some dazzling footwork and a sprint into the open field.

The offset laces mean that, even when your only option is to kick, you can do it with confidence thanks to an unbroken kicking zone.

+ Very lightweight but still offering a solid and secure fit.

+ A raised heel ensures you are always in the most powerful position when you need to surge by the last defender.

 The knitted upper and lightweight construction means these are best avoided if you are wearing a number in single digits.

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Gilbert Kaizen 3.0 Power SG Boots

Gilbert Kaizen 3.0 Power SG Boots

The perfect boot for a mid-winter game. The eight metal studs provided a firm grip in even the most marshy of pitches while the synthetic uppers limit water absorption. The padded ankle cuff provides some protection to your delicate ankle bones and ensures comfort and optimal fit.

These aren’t just for slow-moving forwards though; a heel raise puts the player into their most powerful position, vital for getting away from a chasing defender.

+ A rigid sole and secure inner allow you to exert all your power without fear of losing your grip.

+ Provides durability and foot protection without compromising on agility thanks to its lightweight design.

 For all but the most traditional the design may be a little safe.

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That completes the independent Rugby World round-up of the best rugby boots of 2020.

Also featured in the original article were:

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